Why Do Your Dogs Need Interactive Toys?

Improve the cognitive skills of your dog with interactive toys. It helps to stimulate the mental well being of your pet. Toys can be in the form of puzzles to keep the dog engrossed and fun. Just because you don’t have the time or space to walk your dog, let the dog not be devoid of fun and exercise. There are some puzzle games like the tether tug dog toy can leave your dogs engaged saving them from destructive behavior. These toys are a means to cut boredom. Check the website for more info on dog care. The best way to bring in focus is to engage the dog actively and positively. Puzzles are a great way to recover old dogs from injury or surgery. Dogs need both physical and mental exercise, and puzzles are a great way to enrich their health.

Physical And Mental Exercise
Dogs need exercise for the brain. At least fifteen minutes of brain exercise can leave your pup active and enriching. It is equivalent to twice the running exercise and is the right way to calm down aggressive dogs. Using interactive dog toys can help burn energy both physically and mentally. There are many kinds of interactive toys to choose from.

How To Choose The Right Interactive Dog Toy?
There is no dearth of toys to keep your dog mentally active.
· The Hide A Squirrel is a game where the dog is encouraged to sniff and scrounge. The squeaky squirrels are hidden in a tree stump giving the dog extra exercise to push beyond the normal. The squirrels have to be puzzled out of the stump but the fun does not stop with that, it is a perfect way to toss and fetch. These toys come in varied sizes based on the body size of the dog and its age. Similarly, there are Hide A Bee and Hide A Bird games also available.

· Hide A Hedge is another challenging game for pups. It is similar to Hide A Squirrel buy has two squeaking hedges and a trunk to hide these. The top of the trunk is covered with a removable lid making it challenging for the pup to recover the hedges. The dog lets its muzzle inside the trunk to recover the hedges.

· Hedgie challenge is an interesting game that consists of a soft toy and three squeaky rings. It is durable, and the pup has to pull the rings off the hedge. It is fun as you put the rings on while your canine partner removes it.

· Puzzle Ball is an entertaining game for your pup. It holds two squeaker balls and the dog will have a wonderful time with the challenge. There are uniquely shaped holes in the cub to free the balls. Once the balls are freed, it can be popped inside to repeat the challenge.

· Dog treat games come with treats hidden inside the game to create interest in the game while they slog to remove the treats from the dispenser. It can make mealtime more fun for them.